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In honour of Zoltán Kodály

This is built on the encounter of Kodaly's classical music and the folk music and draws a parallel between both this two genres as well as the folk dance and the tematic dance theater which appears in the form of rondo again and again.



This performance brings the traditions of Kecskemét and its region called Kiskunsag alive.
Introduces the spring market of the famous Hungarian town ont he Great Plain. The whirl of the market remindus us the mood of the era that is almost completely forgotten and can only be seen ont he old postcards.
The wold of the 19th and 20th century is alredy a thing of the past. But it’s a precedent for the people of our days. Its attitude and gestures are determining for us.


László Lukács and Eszter Haránt Lukács
Young Masters of Folk Arts

Associate Director:

Gábor Mihályi, Director of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

Directed by:

László Lukács